White wine 520ml smoke

White wine 520ml smoke

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Distinctive design with a playful touch. The cups with colourful finials, which make it easy for everyone to recognise their cup, will save you a lot of time that you would otherwise spend looking for “the one”. The coloured enamel is only applied to the stem, the chalice and base remain clear, so the Kalyke harlequin collection doesn’t hinder the full wine tasting experience. The colours can be combined according to your preference. Whether you choose to soften your dining experience with pink or energize with rich amber, your wine will receive the best service. The 520 ml glass is recommended for dry white wines, but its shape also makes it ideal for tasting sparkling and lighter red wines. It is the ideal choice for lovers of natural wines. Calla lique glasses with a coloured crown may be different in weight to the clear version, but the excellent sensory qualities are retained.


520 ml


Wash gently. What does that mean? You can wash your glasses in the dishwasher without fear of them turning gray, but you should always use the gentle program and make sure that the glass cannot be mechanically damaged in the dishwasher – that is, that it stands properly, does not come into contact with other dishes and that the rinsing arms do not get caught on it. It is not recommended to clean thick-walled vessels such as carafes, vases and jugs in the dishwasher. For a perfect wash, it is enough to soak them in warm water with a little detergent; for hard-to-reach dirt, our dirt cleaner is the right thing for you.

 Avoid large temperature fluctuations. A rapid change of heat (warm water) and cold (cold water, ice) is not good for the glass. Therefore, try not to expose glasses or jugs to temperature fluctuations.

Avoid bad polishing. Before you polish your glass, watch this short ctional video that will give you all the information you need.


Wash sparingly. Products decorated with gold do not belong in the dishwasher. Always wash them by hand and a gentle Detergent. Also beware of scrubbing too much.

Avoid large temperature fluctuations. Rapid changes between hot (warm water) and cold (cold water, ice) are bad for the glass.
Try not to expose glasses, decanters or pitchers to temperature fluctuations.

Store glassware dry. The reaction of the silver contained in the gold deposit, together with weathering effects, can lead to gradual corrosion of the gold decor. To avoid corrosion, store gold decorated glass in a completely dry environment.

Polish properly. If your gold decorated product is corroded, you can restore the original Quality by carefully polishing it with a suitable product. For perfect polishing we recommend SITOL, which is used for polishing glass, decorated glass and metals. Polishing must be done gently and only on the areas affected by corrosion. Aggressive polishing of the of the entire surface can damage the gold coating.

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