Fresh Introductions by Kvetna 1794, a 220 year old Czech Glassworks

Tableware International

Kvetna 1794 is one of the longest running glassworks in Europe and is introducing two exclusive handmade collections amongst its new introductions for 2020.

The Czech glassworks brings us handblown wine glasses, tumblers, carafes, and decanters in the shape of two very different collections in Auriga and Kalyke which bring contemporary and traditional design to the table.

Auriga is an extensive range of glassware and carafes created for an extraordinary sommelier experience. Savour the best characteristics of all types of wine with the minimalistic Auriga, a fundamental collection for every wine lover. Meticulously designed bowl shapes accentuate aromas and flavors, bringing all the best characteristics to a delightful finish with each sip.

Kalyke, meanwhile, is a collection which stands out for its distinctive design with refined style. This striking glassware collection draws its inspiration from avant-garde Cubist architecture, characterised by sharp edges and clear geometry. Elegant curves and delicate lines mirror the sharp angles of the cups, giving beverages a new dimension and a refreshing perspective.

The collections have been skillfully designed and traditionally crafted, showcasing the glassworks ability to innovate while also keeping a traditional craft alive.