Gurdau Winery was established in 2012 in the South Moravian village of Kurdejov. A year later, 7 hectares of vineyards were planted here. With this step, we proudly revived the local winemaking tradition, which had been suspended for many decades. We chose the name of the winery based on the original German name of the village - Gurdau, as a way to honor the history and heritage of the place.


Minimalism, humility, and respect - these are the characteristics that define the Gurdau. We embrace tradition, craftsmanship, and respect for nature. This family-owned business revives Kurdejov's winemaking heritage with sustainable practices and meticulous techniques. Gurdau's exceptional wines showcase the region's unique terroir, offering a blend of tradition and modern sophistication.


We are mainly focused on the noble variety Riesling, which we have planted in 6 clones originated from the Wachau, Alsace, Rheingau and the Pfalz. From this single variety we produce our basic line, wines aged in oak barrels, sparkling wines and also sweet wines. In addition, we grow the two more varieties which diversify our offer - Green Veltliner and Pinot Blanc. GURDA


At Gurdau, we place great emphasis on detail and precision. Everything, from wine barrels, beds in the apartments, to cutlery, has been carefully selected with regard to quality and design. This attention to individual aspects ensures that our visitors' overall experience is greatly enriched. Each element of the environment is thoughtfully designed to achieve harmony between aesthetics and functionality, providing a unique wine tasting experience that reflects the values and philosophy of our brand.


At Gurdau we have a strong commitment and humility towards nature. Our vineyards are carefully maintained using organic and sustainable practices, seamlessly blending with the surrounding landscape. Our on-site beehives not only supply us with delicious in-house honey, but also promote pollination and biodiversity in the vineyards. We operate in bio friendly production and we should receive organic wine certification by 2025. Through maintaining a balance between our operations and the natural ecosystem, we contribute to the ecological well-being of the region while ensuring our wines authentically reflect the terroir.


The wine-making tradition of the village Kurdejov dates back over a thousand years. The first official records of vineyards here date back to the 13th century when Kurdejov was considered one of the most significant wine-growing places. In 1286, lands with vineyards were purchased for high sums, and the wine from this region was only affordable for the high nobility. Some of the vineyard locations in this region were traded for whole villages. In the 16th century, German settlers brought advancements in winemaking and increased the value of local wines. After World War II, the German settlers who took care of the vineyards had to leave. The remaining 1.5 hectares of vine rows that survived the war were divided among the remaining 20 inhabitants.

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