Continuing the time honored legacy of Czech glass production

Founded in 1794, the Kvetna Glassworks is one of the longest running wine stemware manufacturers in the Czech Republic. At its peak in the early 1900s, the Kvetna Glassworks had showrooms and warehouses in London, Paris, Berlin and Hamburg and its decorated table glassware was exported to the USA, Africa, Australia, Middle East and Europe and the name is truly a hallmark of quality and is sought after on world markets.After the division of both plants in 2020 due to the sale of the group, a new company was established, Cerva Bohemia and subsequently KVĚTNÁ 1794, which are currently the operator of the glassworks in Květná.


With its focus and originality, each piece of work from Kvetna 1794 is a work of art of our master glassmakers, and the difference from machine-made glass is obvious at first glance.

The Kvetna 1794 glasses with their incredible lightness and thinness is a talking point which brings people into conversation. Every glass shape design is to bring out the best of the wines and providing the best experience to the user.

The Kvetna 1794 glasses are designed to be not only elegant, but also unexpectedly strong and flexible with our inclusion of Titanium into the glass composition.


Kvetna 1794 philosophy falls on high-quality lead-free glass, flawless workmanship, modern and traditional designs. Through 200 years of tradition and a deep appreciation for glassmaking, Kvetna 179 combines the craftsmanship with the latest technology to offer you wine stemware of the highest possible quality.

Each and every stem is painstakingly crafted by our own artisan glass blowers, Kvetna 1794 is a signature to what makes our Czech wine glasses remarkable.